Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Jane Austen Tour

After lunch, Dad & Trek were kind enough to take the kids to Queen Square (there's a park there) while Mom & I did the indoor Jane Austen Tour. I was SO excited to learn more about my favorite author. All over the museum they had dummies dressed up in the clothes used for some of the Jane Austen movies. I've seen them all, so that was really cool for me.

We watched a movie about Bath & how Jane came to live there with her family. Then they took us into another room & told us Jane's life story. I learned SO much about her family. Knowing her books inside & out, I can see how much her family inspired her writing. Several of her characters were spitting images of her brothers & sister.

It was also interesting to hear that she wrote her first 3 novels while she lived in Bath. Her first & last novels took place in Bath & through the plot & characters you can see how her views of life there had matured & changed over the years. It's time to pull her books out again & read them. I'm SO excited!

On our way out, there was a GIANT spider on the sign. It scared me to death!!

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