Monday, March 8, 2010


I finished my quilt top today. I can't believe I finished it before we started packing for the move. I was so scared that I wouldn't get it done & it would just get lost & ruined in the boxes. I'm going to fold it up nicely & put it in my purse/carryon when we leave here just to keep it safe, & then as soon as we can find a fabric store stateside, I'm going to get the fabric for the backing, batting, & binding. As soon as I get the backing done, Mamoo promised that she would come for a couple weeks to help me actually hand quilt the 2 layers together. I think I'm more excited about that than anything!!! And then I'll have a completed "sick quilt" to help "heal" the sickies when they're sick. You can only use the sick quilt when you're sick. It will be saved special for that. I'm SO excited I actually finished something I started. Hooray for me!

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