Thursday, March 25, 2010

Princess Diana's Peter Pan Playground in Kensington Gardens

After walking on Abbey Road, we got on a double-decker bus (the girls' favorite mode of transportation) & rode to the Northwest side of Kensington Gardens in Hyde Park. Of course we would get on the wrong bus & go in the complete opposite direction. Once we figured out our mistake, we hopped off the bus into little "India." All the signs were in Indian & Arabian & there were scary looking men smoking these MASSIVE pipes staring at my kids. It was terrifying. We literally RAN to the first bus stop we could find. Luckily, this bus took us right where we needed to go. . . Kensington Gardens. There, right next to the gate, is the Diana Princess of Wales Memorial Playground, also known as the Peter Pan Playground. No adults are allowed into the park without a child. This place is a child's paradise. There are swings, slides, teeter-totters, a HUGE pirate ship full of sand to dig, teepees, & all sorts of other Peter Pan things.

I had packed up a picnic lunch for us all & we sat down & ate our crushed PB & J sandwiches & juice boxes. They were a MESS! But they still tasted fabulous on a warm morning. After lunch we let the girls take us adults into the playground.

Of course, the girls went straight for the pirate ship first.

Even though Taya was feeling sick, she still wanted to get on the "big boat" with mommy, so I took her up & we played until she was too tired to play anymore.

Poor baby was SO sick. Luckily I had packed motrin & tylenol just in case. It kept her feeling okay, but she still wasn't my springy, bouncy, crazy, happy little munchkin.

Cadence had a blast climbing to the top of the crows nest in the ship. She loves to climb things.

We lost Lorien. There were SO many kids & I was trying to keep Taya happy & Bladen fed. . . Cadence was on the crow's nest & Lorien went down into the ship. . . but never came out. I went down into the ship looking for her & couldn't see her anywhere. Mom, Dad, Trek, & I scoured the entire playground. I was running like a mad-woman trying to find my little girl. I was SO scared someone had taken her. I never want to feel that feeling ever again. We all said a prayer & Trek was inspired to go down in the boat again & sure enough, there she was digging in the sand. When I asked her if she saw me looking for her, she laughed & said she was hiding from me. Grrrr. NEVER DO THAT AGAIN!! It scared me to death.

After the ship, the girls played in the teepees with Daddy. They had SO much fun running around on everything. They never wanted to leave. . . just like Peter Pan. I think my kids want to stay kids forever (& that's just fine with me!)

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  1. Trek hid from mom on set one time. Oh she was a bit upset. The show had to go on but no Trek. He jumped out of his hiding place just in time. Pay back time.