Thursday, March 25, 2010


Parliament is attached to Big Ben. It is beautiful! I think this is what I expected Buckingham Palace to look like. It was like a giant castle right on the water of the Thames River. It was gorgeous!

As we passed Parliament, we caught the guard guarding it SLEEPING!! How hilarious is that?

We crossed the bridge so that we could actually see all of Parliament in it's glory. It's so big that you have to go to the other side of the river to see it all. The sun came out just as we were crossing & everything sparkled like gold when the sun hit it.

On our walk across the bridge, my mom managed to step in the middle of a pile of puke. She smelled like throw up the rest of the day. We couldn't stop laughing at her. Poor thing. It's just funny that there was a small pile of throw up on the bridge & she just happened to step in it without noticing it beforehand. My poor momma!!!

Across the bridge we were able to get a close up of the London Eye (the largest ferris wheel in Europe!). We didn't go on it, but we took some pics because it was MASSIVE.

The view of Parliament from the eye was amazing!!!

When we were finished looking & taking pictures, we walked to the nearest subway station so we could go home. BUT, the one subway station next to Big Ben & Parliament was CLOSED that day. Figures right? So we had to walk for "5 minutes" (according to the guys who told us the stop was closed). . . which was actually more like a half hour to the next closest stop.

By the time we got on the subway, we were exhausted. Lorien fell asleep on Trek's head because she was so worn out. We had done a LOT today! It was time to got back "home" to the base!


  1. Dani, here you had such great things to talk about and the one that stands out in my mind is how your Mother smelled all day.

  2. Are you sure the cop was not the one that made the mess on the bridge?
    Did you hear anyone in Parliament yelling? What about the wings, any men wearing white wigs?