Monday, March 29, 2010

The "White House" B & B

We woke up bright & early (once again) & took off from the Preston temple. Our next destination: Bath! Mom booked us an adorable little bed & breakfast called The White House in Bristol which is about 30 minutes from Bath. She was SO excited for us to get there. Well, we plugged the address into the GPS & drove 3 hours to Bristol to "The White House." We were in the most ghetto part of Bristol & as we pulled into the parking lot I almost started crying. The place was disgusting. It looked dangerous, unkept, & unclean. I looked at my mom in horror!! She just shook her head & kept saying: "This isn't right! This isn't what it looked like on the website!" We were all clearly upset & scared. There was NO WAY I was taking my 4 precious children into that wreck. Dad was the only one brave enough to go talk to the innkeepers (visions of Thenardier from Les Miserables were skipping through my mind). They just stared at him like he was nuts! They informed us that nobody by our names had booked rooms in their bed & breakfast & that they had no idea what we were talking about. We were terrified even more by this.

The kids were screaming for food by now, so we got back in the cars & drove to a McDonald's so the kids could eat & so the grown ups could figure out plan B. Mom didn't have ANY information for the hotel other than that one address, so I started scouring my paperwork to see if I had looked up any information on it. THANK HEAVENS, I just happened to have the confirmation email they had sent my mom with their names & a phone number on it. Dad made "buddy buddy" with a young guy in line & he was sweet enough to let us borrow his cell phone so we could call the hotel. To our relief, we were at the WRONG "White House B & B." They were located in Bath, not Bristol & BOY WERE THEY NICE!

When we pulled up, we were SO thankful I had that email. The place was gorgeous! We had 2 huge rooms with plenty of beds, jacuzzi tub, food, TV, internet, & full hot breakfast made to order every morning. AND it was only 70 pounds a night! That's a STEAL!!! Hooray for THE WHITE HOUSE!!!! We'll recommend you to anybody & everybody heading to Bath! You were the best!

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