Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Big Uh Oh!

So we got up this morning as planned & got ready for a busy day in London. London is about 2 hours away from the base, so we packed up our trusty camelback with all the necessities needed to survive a full day in London (diapers, wipes, formula, bottles, water, & snacks), got the kids dressed & ready, & headed out for Epping Train Station about an hour away. As we were pulling into Epping Trek asked me to grab something out of the camelback, & to my utter dismay, the camelback was NOT there! We had left it at the base in the rush of getting everyone in the cars. NO bottles, NO food, NO water, NO diapers. Talk about a mother's nightmare. How were we going to survive the day? Luckily we found a cute little grocery store in Epping that had everything we needed. I bought a couple bottles & formula, a pack of diapers, & wipes. We were set. We put it all into my dad's backpack (which we DIDN'T forget) & we were off. . .

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