Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Les Miserables 7th ROW!!!

Les Miserables was the highlight of my trip. I have #1: never been to a broadway show (other than Wicked earlier that day) & #2: never seen Les Miserables. I know every word to every song, but I've never seen the actual play in person!! I was so excited that I got tickets on the 7th row! We were SO close that we could see up the actor's noses! It was AWESOME!

It was beautiful. I cried throughout because it's such an emotional play. It totally tugs at your heartstrings. And the thing that made it the best was that I got to see it with Trek. It's his favorite play of all time too! I loved being able to sit next to him & enjoy it with him. I love you Babe! Thank you for the best night of my life!

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  1. Your post made me cry. I remember as a small boy Trek loved that play. When it came to LA for the first time no one knew what it was all about.