Monday, March 29, 2010

The Crown Restaurant

After shopping a little bit, the rain started coming down which was our cue that it was time to go home. We drove back to our little bed & breakfast & asked the owners for their recommendation of restaurants. They told us to walk around the corner & eat at the Crown restaurant. It was FANTASTIC!! (I love food!)

I had a salad (I wasn't very hungry), Trek got his fish & chips that he loves so much, Dad got a full on breakfast with ham, eggs, & french fries (?), Mom got a fabulous piece of chicken drenched in BBQ, cheese, & bacon, & the girls had "bangers & mash" (aka sausages & mashed potatoes). It was SUPER good!

After dinner, we walked back to the hotel & just relaxed for the rest of the evening. The highlight of the night was watching TV as a family (something we haven't done in 3 years. Lorien turned to Trek & said "Dad? What is this thing? Make it go to the cartoon!" Trek & I realized that that was the first time Lorien had ever seen a commercial. When we moved here she was only 2 & doesn't remember anything before that. She was angry that something was preventing her from watching her cartoon. My kids don't even know what commercials are!! Boy are they in for a rude awakening when we get back to the states. I had to laugh at that.

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