Friday, March 26, 2010

Ending Day 4 of our London Trip

After the British Museum I didn't take any more pictures. We were SO exhausted & hungry that we couldn't think of much else. On our walk back to the subway stop, we found a cute little Italian cafe & decided to try dinner there. It was some of the best food I've ever eaten in my life, & that's saying something because I normally despise Italian food. I got a bowl of Minestrone Soup & 2 pieces of Bruschetta. BEST BRUSCHETTA EVER!!! The kids all shared some yummy spaghetti & Trek got some bacon pasta. Everything was so good that we got dessert too. Mom got a caramel flan, I got some raspberry sorbet, & Trek got a crepe type thing with gingerbread ice cream & caramel apples. YUM!!

Then we hopped on the tube & headed to our hotel at the temple. Lorien was such a stinker. The train was packed & so we were crammed in their like sardines. I looked down at Lorien & she was pulling things out of a woman's purse. "Look Mom!! Look how shiny this is." "Whoa, this is pretty!" Little imp!!! STOP PUTTING YOUR HANDS IN OTHER PEOPLE'S THINGS! I can't believe the woman didn't catch her. We had a nice little chat that about what is allowed & what is NOT allowed in public. She is so funny!

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