Sunday, March 28, 2010

Warwick Castle

We got up at 6 am, cleaned up the hotel room at the temple, & took off by 8. We were to drive all the way to Preston that day which is a four hour drive from London. SO, we found a fun scenic place to visit at the halfway point of the journey: Warwick Castle. A friend at work told Trek that it was definitely a castle worth visiting, especially with kids. Boy was it ever!! The kids have never had so much fun at a castle in their lives. They could touch ANYTHING without getting in trouble. That alone was heaven to them.

We even played a FUN game of hide-and-seek on the castle grounds. Of course when the girls hide together & giggle the entire time you're looking for them, it's not hard to find them. But it was sure fun finding hiding places.

There were characters walking around the castle grounds as well. We met Molly the Maid & Princess Sophia who live & work in the "princess tower" (more on that in another blog entry). The girls were SO excited to see a "real" princess.

There was also a cute little pond & some picnic tables. We took the girls to the pond to chase the duckies & we all ate snacks to keep our bellies full until lunch time. Taya was scared of the ducks. It was SO funny to watch them chase her.

While we were waiting for our princess tower tour, Trek took Cadence & Lorien up to the top of the hill within the castle grounds to pull the sword out of the stone. They LOVED that!

Daddy tried too. . . but he wasn't strong enough.

And the view from the top was exquisite! Warwick is such a BEAUTIFUL castle. And everything was green there. It was such a cheerful place to be!

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