Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Picadilly Circus

Once they were off safely, Trek & I hopped on the tube & rode it to Picadilly Circus! Picadilly Circus is similar to Times Square in New York. There's lots of flashing lights & ads everywhere. Tons of people visited the many shops & theaters that lined the streets. It was kind of an exciting place to be at night. We stopped by a Cinnabon & had cinnamon rolls for dinner (I know. . .I've had a very nutritious day haven't I?), then we walked to the Queen's theater to get our tickets to Les Miserables. We still had about 30 minutes before they'd let us into the theater so we decided to call Dad to see if Mom & the girls made it home safely.

The red phone booths in London are very cool from the outside, but they are disgusting inside. They are dirty, full of porn, & they smell like. . . yeah. . . seriously. . . they smell like somebody peed in them (which wouldn't surprise me if someone did). And it didn't help that ALL the coin slots were jammed. We tried 3 different phone booths on three different streets & NONE of them would take coins. So we used our debit card & it worked. Everybody was back safe & sound & all was well. Then we walked over to Starbucks & got some carmel hot chocolate to take into the play.

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  1. Your in England and you eat Cinnabon and Starbucks What about fish and chips?