Sunday, March 28, 2010

The Princess Tower

The best part of Warwick Castle was the princess tower. After talking to the maid, Molly & Princess Sophia. . .we got ready for a noon tour of the tower. We felt even extra special because they were only taking our 3 girls on that tour. They were SO excited! First Princess Sophia took us to her room where she put Cadence on top of 13 mattresses to see if she could feel a pea. Cadence was SO excited because she felt the pea & knew that she was now a "real princess!" Lorien got to pick out the sash, shoes, & crown for Princess Sophia's best friend's wedding. They LOVED IT!

Then Princess Sophia took the girls up to the top of the tower where there was a room full of full length mirrors, chests FULL of dress up clothes, crowns, gowns, swords, shields, & everything you could imagine to make yourself a real princess. My girls were in paradise. They were SO STINKIN CUTE in the costumes. They would stand in front of the mirrors & the mirrors wold tell them how beautiful they were. It was darling!

Then they each got a turn sitting on the princess's throne with their costumes on. They had a blast!

After they got their costumes off, & it was time to go . . . Princess Sophia took them to one final room where they got to write one wish inside a magic book.

Then each princess was presented with their very own pea to put under their mattresses at home. This whole tour was the highlight of the girls' England vacation!!

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