Friday, March 26, 2010

The British Museum

After visiting King's Cross Station, we took the tube to the British Museum (another good free one). I love how the museums here are in awesome old buildings. This building almost looked Roman from the outside, but as soon as you stepped foot inside, you were in one of the most modern looking buildings I've ever seen.

I had previously mapped out exactly what I wanted to see in the museum & what floor & room number the exhibits were in. It was PERFECT. We found the rooms fast & easily, found the exhibits we wanted to see, & then we were off for the next room. We were in & out of the museum in about a half hour. It doesn't get much better than that! Oh, & dad found mom a wheelchair (her knee was horrible! She could hardly even stand up on it). We were SO happy to have found a way for her to enjoy the museum without having to hurt her knee any more than she had to.

Our first stop was the Rosetta Stone. Thanks to this ancient stone, we were able to decipher many ancient languages. It's really quite cool to see it in person.

In the same room as the Rosetta Stone is the bust of Ramses. . . yes the same Ramses that Moses rescued the children of Israel from. How incredible is that? I LOVE anything that comes from Ancient Egypt.

A few rooms down from the 1st was an Easter Island Statue. We have a family joke with this one. One of Lorien's favorite movies of all time is "A Night At The Museum." She loves it because the Easter Island statue says "Dumb Dumb wants Gum Gum!" In our house, we call Lorien our gum girl because she will pick a piece of gum over chocolate any day. So when she wants a piece of gum she tells us "Dumb Dumb wants Gum Gum!!" When she saw this statue she started jumping up & down screaming "Dumb Dumb!!!" Then she looked at me pleading me & said "Do you have some gum?" So we HAD to take a picture of her giving "gum gum" to "dumb dumb!" It turned out adorable.

Next we went upstairs into the Ancient Egyptian area & found something AWESOME!! Cleopatra's mummy is in this museum. HER ACTUAL MUMMY!!! (The young archaeologist in me is still in there & tends to get excited over little things like this. . . ) THAT was the highlight of my museum trip!

Then there was this guy. He is the first mummy I've ever seen fully "unwrapped." It's amazing how mummification preserves their skin. It almost looked like he had just died. Man, I need to take a trip to Egypt. This has me all giddy!

While mommy was going gaga over the dead people of the past, the girls passed the time playing "tickle, tickle." Taya is SO cute when she tickles you. But I love it when someone tickles her & she shouts "Stop, Cadence. . . NO KICKLE!"

After the museum, we walked along a little park & found a funny little statue. The girls love posing with statues so we go some cute pictures. And then we were off for dinner . . .

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